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WILD BY NATURE, Inc. is dedicated to environmental education for schoolchildren and their teachers. WILD BY NATURE was founded specifically for our vernal pool studies. Please see our Gallery page for photos of native life in our local habitat.

Our logo depicts the humble little field mouse gnawing on the net that has entrapped a lion. The mouse represents each one of us, and our motto “One Person Can Make a Difference” reminds us that although we are small, our contribution is great. Every child and every schoolteacher should carry this knowledge into the classroom and out in the field.

Sea World Olsen Twins copy

SeaWorld Grand Prize 1995 with Olsen Twins

WILD BY NATURE aspires to raise suburban consciousness through classroom education and learning on location. Our mission is to educate, empower, and inspire schoolchildren and their teachers to celebrate their local neighborhood endangered species. You can visit our web album to see the work of the Mira Mesa High School Ecology Club and Coleman High School in their dedicated outdoor work.

In an ever-changing world, WILD BY NATURE ­­­­­aspires to stay current.  WILD BY NATURE embraces an indigenous perspective to environmental education; that being a relationship with Nature based in cooperation rather than dominance. Since 1989, we focused solely on Environmental Education. Now in our 27th year, WILD BY NATURE recognizes that environmentalism is more than the study of ecology. It is the mindset of the masses that will direct the future. This mindset shines brightly at one of our favorite academic programs in the Seeds@City Urban Agriculture program in San Diego. We encourage this new perspective and have in the past offered scholarships focused on environment-based studies.

After 20 years of focusing on habitat, we spent five years focusing on Fashion for the New Millennium. Our Zero Carbon Footprint fashion statement encourages secondhand and vintage attire as a viable option to buying new! Wearing secondhand can eliminate myriad environmental and human rights issues. In order to raise awareness, we offered up to $1500 in cash awards to the best dressed graduating seniors wearing vintage at the Mira Mesa High School prom We invite you to visit our page Fashion for the New Millennium on this website and scroll to the bottom. We have not added to our five years of Fashion for the New Millennium blog, but the information remains informative and inspiring. We have even been plagiarized by a secondhand clothing radio show, which (I guess) is a form of validation.

MMHS Ecology Club

Mira Mesa HS Ecology Club

WILD BY NATURE has projects presented on the Environmental Education page, including a drop-down to our Eco-Education Models for an Environmental Education Retreat and an Indigenous California Baja Cruise, and our Meadows Project. The Meadows Project features the benefits of letting Nature reclaim landscaped areas. On that page you will find links and photos of Suburban Meadows and Urban Meadows. Our Links page presents Professional Links, Academic Links with a reading list and California State Educational Standards, plus our Kids Link section. Visit our Gallery for various photo albums highlighting our projects, models, and ecology clubs.

Because environmentalism is more than twigs and roots, we have added a new page, Fashion for the New Millennium. On this page we discuss how Vintage Styles and Pure Fabrics can allow for a healthy blend of haute couture and environmental integrity. We encourage recycling, reusing, and regifting. Look for our fashion links and photos to support this perspective. For a more dynamic exchange, please visit our new blog Fashion for the New Millennium.

When you stand in the face of all odds and seemingly impossible tasks,
remember that in the end, David will always conquer Goliath.
One person can make a difference.

Welcome to our website,

Kathryn Wild, PhD, CEO