Vernal Pool Gallery

Orleans CA


Karuk Fire Tale

The Karuk Fire Tale is a story in the oral tradition that and tells us how the People got fire. This metal sculpture depicts the artwork in The Fire Race book illustrated by Sylvia Long. Wild By Nature received a grant from the Humboldt Area Foundation to complete the artwork that we posted along our meandering path on the Klamath River. Each post contains the animal name in the Karuk language as they relayed fire from the Three Sisters (yellow jackets) to the People. Master artist Ralph Starritt is a Karuk tribal member.


Suburban Meadows

Transform your water guzzling lawn into an urban meadow by watering two minutes per day only during the dry season (June-November). Practice selective weeding and remove anything you find unaesthetic. Toss wildflower seeds into the dry patches and cultivate clumps of seasonal grasses and flowers. By extending habitat into your garden, you welcome native moths, butterflies, and birds. As your meadow adapts to less water, it will change with the seasons. Let your garden go Wild by Nature!

Orleans Hotel Historic Photos

Originally known as Panamnik to the upriver Karuk Indians in Northern California, the old Orleans Hotel site dominated this bank of the Klamath River for 100 years. After the last of four fires in the century, Wild By Nature was honored to donate the ancestral site back to the Karuk People.